Hello, World!

Hello, World!

Hello, World! Is it appropriate for 'Hello World' to be the theme of this first blog post since Bubble and Geek has technically been in business since 2012? I'm not completely sure, but I'm willing to roll with it anyway. 

Let me just say, THANK YOU SO MUCH for venturing to my brand new website, whether you are a new customer, loyal to my Etsy shop, or anything in between. I'm beyond excited to finally have a space on the interwebs to call my very own, where I can design what I like. 

I have sold Bubble and Geek products almost exclusively on Etsy for nearly four years (!). Etsy was a fantastic springboard for my niche handmade products, but for the past several months I've been yearning for my own website dedicated to all things Bubble and Geek. Will I continue to sell on Etsy now that the new website is all set up? You betcha (at least for the foreseeable future)! But rest assured that my inner child will squee with a little bit of extra joy when sales come through the virtual door of Bubble and Geek's storefront instead. 

So far, the transition to bubble-and-geek.com has been akin to buying a house after renting for several years. Paint the walls any color I like? Drill holes in the wall and hang paintings anywhere I please? Tear down a wall to make room for a skee ball arcade and adopt 37 cuddly kittens? The sky is the limit! (Or in the case of this new website, my programming skills/design capabilities/patience are the limits.)

In closing, thank you again for just being here and reading my musings. I hope you enjoy the new website. If you have any suggestions for features or new products, hit me up on Twitter (@bubbleandgeek) or Facebook!

TL; DR: YAY Bubble and Geek has a new website that I can customize to my heart's desire, and you are awesome for reading this post! Also I am building a skee ball arcade and adopting 37 cuddly kittens (don't tell my husband)!



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