Pipe-Weed Scented Soy Wax Melts

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The fragrance is a delectable blend of smoky tobacco combined with mahogany woods, creamy vanilla, and dark brown sugar.
Size: One pack of 6 cube melts; each pack weighs between 2.7 to 3 ounces.
To use: Pop 1 or 2 cubes out of the clamshell container and place into a electric- or tea light-powered wax warmer.
About: Bubble and Geek's soy candles and wax melts are made by hand in small batches, and we add the maximum amount of fragrance oil that the wax will allow. Our products feature clean, renewable soy wax made from soybeans grown in the USA and the highest-quality fragrance oils.

Customer Testimonial:
"Such awesome fragrance. Makes me feel like a hobbit. Love it. Quick shipping too!"
"Bubble & Geek is the best if you are looking a great fragrance with a fandom based theme. I recently moved and could not live without it. "
"Love this...! Had ordered tarts from another shop and the scents were....well they were just wrong. Not at all what I had been expecting after reading the item details. I thought for sure this gift was ruined, but then found this shop and decided to give it a go. My friend loves the three scents I gave her. They have a great amount of scent to them without being overpowering..."

Customer Reviews

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So good, I'm coming back 9 years later

Back in 2014, I ordered these delightful Pipe Weed wax melts. I proceeded to forget I had them, moved, apparently brought them with me and found them a few days ago. Ugh, THEY SMELL SO GOOD. I came specifically to order some more and am bummed that they're out of stock. I really hope they aren't gone for good, because they are the perfect sweet, but not too sweet, gourmand tobacco-y scent. Love love love.

Kelli L.
Lovely scent but…

I ordered several (I think more than 10) different melts here for the first time and they all smell absolutely amazing but the melts are very crumbly and hard to get out of the container in one piece and once in the warmer they don’t last very long. This really made me sad because these scents are so unique and they have a great price too! Maybe I just got an older batch Either way will probably be ordering again:)

Hannah F.
Totally in Love with this Scent!

I love this scent even more than I thought I would! It was subtle at first but before I knew it, the room smelled amazing! It wasn't too sweet a smell, but was perfectly balanced with all of the different scent notes added to this wax. I was really impressed by that, since other themed scents are a bit more simple. True quality here!

Deidre Padrona
A surprisingly warm wax melt

The initial description of this waxmelt said it included "smoky tobacco combined with mahogany woods, creamy vanilla, and dark brown sugar." Based on that description, I ordered and I have to tell you since it arrived, I have a much better description.

Picture a turn of the century English manor and turn into the library. A gentleman of some age sitting in an aged mahogany chair with a pipe and a newspaper. Breathe deeply ... this is what the melt smells like. Warmth and home and coziness.

The tobacco scent is very light but it adds a depth and a warmth that you can't quite put your finger on. The mahogany is what hits your nose first and then the sugar & the vanilla follow behind. It smells like the pipe you imagine men would smoke in old libraries and proper studies ... warm, inviting and just a little bit spicy.

This is definitely one I'll re-order time and again.