Loki Scented Perfume Oil

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Size: 2 mL mini
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This scent is a complex, enigmatic blend of spices on a base of cedar and oak. Mmmm, intriguing.
Our perfume oils are concentrated, quick-absorbing, and long-lasting. Perfect for on the go or any time you want to freshen up.
Available in the following sizes:
9 mL Glass Roller/Roll-on Bottle*
15 mL Amber Glass Screw-top Bottle
2 mL Amber Glass Mini Screw-top Bottle
Empty 9 mL Glass Roller/Roll-on Bottle (for decanting from 15 mL bottle)


* The 9 mL roll-on bottles have occasionally leaked in the past when traveling by air. However, many love the convenience of this bottle, so I am still offering it. I am also offering a larger size (15 mL) with a more secure cap along with empty 9 mL rollers so that you can have the option of decanting once it arrives with the added protection against leaking in transit.

Ingredients: Fractionated coconut oil, fragrance.
What customers are saying:
" Arrived much faster than I expected. I can absolutely imagine Loki smelling like this. Thanks so much!"
"Favorite god of mischief aside, this is an amazingly tricksy scent! Mostly woody noted, yet also spicy and cool for me. How does that happen?! There must be some Ceylon cinnamon and mint in there to create such a contradiction...... Also it is airy enough to not annoy people, but also enough for me to enjoy its throw (nice medium throw). This scent has a presence, but has its nuances too. Great unisex scent overall!"

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