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Receive (or give) a monthly gift of self care in the form of a seasonal limited edition scented candle inspired by books, pop culture, and/or general geekery!

Let Bubble and Geek be your Candle Concierge, your Scent Chaperone, on this guided olfactory journey through the seasons.

June 2023's Candle of the Month scent is Lilith: Weaving together a tapestry of dark allure and delicate beauty, this scent captures the essence of Lilith's mysterious nature. Immerse yourself in her enigmatic realm with this blend of black cherries, white roses, red poppy petals, dried plum flesh, smoky tonka, and tobacco.

Lilith also features my technique of Watercolor Wax! I've added a swirled watercolor effect in varying shades of red to the wax of each Lilith candle or melt. Each one will be unique, and you may or may not get one of the ones pictured here.



- Clean-burning, eco-friendly SOY wax (made from soybeans grown in the USA)
- Natural lead-free cotton wick (candle option)
- Superior, phthalate-free fragrance oil
- Hand-poured in small batches the USA
- Vegan, cruelty-free


How It Works

1) Decide whether you want to subscribe or not. (You get a huge discount for subscribing!) If not, add to cart and check out as normal-- no further instructions needed. If so, continue to Step 2. Note: Shipping costs are added at checkout.

2) Choose a monthly, 3-month, or 6-month subscription plan. The 3-month plan is discounted more than the monthly plan, and the 6 month plan is discounted most of all.

3) You will be billed on the day you subscribe. After that, you will be billed on roughly the same day each month for subsequent cycles. For example, if you subscribe to the 6-month plan on January 1, your January candle will ship 1-3 days afterward. Your next 5 months of candles will also ship around the same time during their respective months. You'll be billed again for your next 6 months around July 1, and so forth, until you decide to cancel.

4) You may cancel at any time with no hassle.

5) June Subscribers: Subscriptions for the June scent will be available until June 19. Subscriptions placed after that date will receive the next month's scent. Subscriptions will ship within 1-3 days of subscribing.

6) This subscription is currently only available in the U.S. due to the cost of international shipping, but I'll make it available internationally if there is enough interest.



What customers are saying:

""Bottom line: I love these candles. The seller is great with feedback, and contacted me super quickly when I had questions about an uncommon scent ... As for the candles themselves, the wick and wax are burning at the same rate (I hate when they don't!), the scents are yummy and just the right strength, and the little labelled jars are adorable. I'd definitely consider buying these again when my set runs out or to give to others as gifts.""


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